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Chordify is a young and fast growing music e-learning platform that helps musicians to play their favorite music. The Chordify team consists of 48 experts in various fields, working from Groningen (NL), Utrecht (NL) and Berlin (DE).

If you are pro-active, creative, independent, have a love for music and you are ready to go the extra mile, please see the available vacancies below.

Chordify is a workplace where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, origin, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.
Are you under-represented in our industry or this job area,
and are you therefore hesitating to apply? Throw that doubt overboard, we encourage you to apply!

Great reasons to work at Chordify

  • Make a difference!
  • Flexible and part-time working is normal in our family-friendly company culture.
  • Be part of a growing, dynamic, diverse, ambitious, and respectful team of experts.
  • Be yourself: suits, hoodies or flip-flops? It’s up to you.
  • Fulfill different roles in our autonomous, purpose driven workforce.
  • We don’t care if you want to take an extra day off, as long as you get your shit done.
  • Live your music!

Your future colleagues rate working at Chordify with a 8.37 

Chordify Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) Survey Q2/2021


  • Recurring Personal Music Budget
  • Retirement Plan 
  • Collective Bonuses 
  • Great Coffee
  • Friday Afternoon Drinks and Team Outings 
  • Courses and training
  • Lease Bike
  • Free delicious lunches in the offices

Elena Vielva Gómez

iOS Developer

Teo Lazarov

Copy Writer & PR 

Tijmen Ruizendaal

CTO and Founder

Dion ten Heggeler

CBDO and Founder

Tomas Klingen

Senior Front-end Developer

Gijs Bekenkamp

CMO and Founder

Bas de Haas

CEO and Founder 

Jeroen Bransen

Back-end Developer

Martijn Brekhof 

Android Developer

Henry Churchill

Customer Support

Jonathan Driedger

Music Information Retrieval Researcher 

Kirill Dumchenko

Academy Content Creator

Maaike de Haas

Office Manager

Wouter Hemel

Growth Marketeer

Bart Laan

Front-end Developer

Patrick Loonstra


Eleanor Faas 

Legal Affairs

Dewey Waspada

Front-end Developer

Ans de Nijs

Front-end Developer

Menno de Boer

Back-end Developer

Rommie Schilstra


Pieter Nomden


Sinja Pergande

Online Marketeer

Abel Pruim

Medior Online Marketeer

Sergi Mascaró Padrós

Android Developer

Ewan Scholte

Advertising / Sales Representative

Jon Spruyt

UX Designer

Rik van Toor 

Back-end Developer

Matúš Tejiščák

Back-end Developer

Pierre van de Velde

Front-end Developer

Rob Wegter

Copy Editor and Translator

Jorn van Wijk

Back-end Developer

Jorine Witte

Head of Content

Willem van Mil

Business Controller

Sheina Krasnopolsky

UI Designer

Markus Klinik

Back-end Developer

Victoria Sochirca

Front-end Developer

Yeonjoo Lee

Customer Support

This is why you'll love working with us

(our Core Values) 

Be Passionate About Music. 

Music is the heart and soul of Chordify. It’s at the very core of everything we do and stand for, and it’s the invisible string that ties us all together. We live our music!

Grow As You Go.

At Chordify, we approach our work with an infinite amount of curiosity and eagerness to learn and understand. We learn from and with each other every single day.

No Guts, No Glory.

Fortune favors the bold - and so does Chordify! We think big, and we’re stubborn and relentless in pursuing our dreams. We love a good challenge and to question the Status Quo!

Take Care Of Yourself And Your Work.

We stimulate open communication about our professional and personal needs and encourage autonomy, because everybody should be allowed to take ownership of their work and how they manage it.

Be Excellent To Each Other.

We win and lose together, we work and play together, we celebrate and grieve together. We love to work in a safe and inclusive environment where no one is expected to be anything other than themselves.

Chordify is the

greatest invention since someone thought to put milk in espresso.


Stephen Procopio

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