DevOps Engineer

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DevOps Engineer

Our mission at Chordify is to make it as easy as possible to learn to play your favorite music.

We are looking for a pro-active, independent and creative DevOps engineer to improve the digital infrastructure that powers the Chordify platform.

This vacancy will close on 2 April.

Full-time / Part-time · Utrecht / Groningen, the Netherlands

About you

Would you like to use your command line skills to help millions of musicians to play along with the songs they love on Chordify? Awesome! We are looking for someone who brings our digital infrastructure to the next level.

In particular we need someone who

  • loves music
  • has experience with maintaining (virtual) server infrastructure
  • has plenty of new ideas for improving our infrastructure, for example on how to most effectively deal with increasing number of visitors
  • understands the importance of security updates
  • can communicate with other teams about infrastructural changes
  • is not afraid to break things by pressing the wrong button and learn from it
  • either has experience with functional programming (in particular Haskell, which is used for our backend) or is willing to learn a bit about it. While Haskell development is not at all necessary for the job, being able to understand the code helps
  • either lives in the Netherlands or is willing to move to the Netherlands on a short term

    What you'll do

    As a member of our "Server Servers" team (as we call ourselves), you will work together with a few other engineers to ensure that the Chordify platform is always online. This includes

    • Looking at upcoming infrastructure requirements, and ensure they are implemented without downtime
    • Responding to monitoring messages and taking proper action, for example by upgrading the VPS to have more RAM (or maybe by filing an issue with our back-end team that a certain process is suddenly using a lot of RAM)
    • Automating as much as possible, for example gracefully taking a server offline for maintenance
    • Maintaining and improving CI pipelines

    The most important tools and software that we use in our team is Puppet (which may at some point be replaced, potentially by Nix), HashiCorp Vault, MariaDB, Redis, Nginx, HAProxy, ProxySQL, Jenkins, Nagios, Gitlab and Sphinx search.

    What we offer

    • A holacratic working environment
    • Being part of an autonomous workforce, meaning that you are free to do your work in the way that you see fit
    • Flexible working hours
    • Flexible working locations: from home (up to 50% of your working time) and at our offices in either Utrecht or Groningen
    • The authority to spend money on anything that helps you do your job even better, such as attending conferences or buying books

    • Being part of an international team of music lovers
    • A pension plan
    • A personal budget each year to spend on anything music related
    • Free lunch, snacks, and drinks at our offices
    • The option to lease a bike of your choice
    • Friday afternoon drinks, regular game evenings, and team outings

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