Functional Programmer / DevOps

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Functional Programmer / DevOps

Our mission at Chordify is to make it as easy as possible to learn to play your favorite music. The apps and website are powered by a distributed Haskell back-end.

We are looking for a pro-active, independent and creative functional programmer to improve the Chordify back-end infrastructure, core technology, and launch new ideas.

This vacancy will close on 8 April.


Who you are. You

  • Are a Haskell programmer,
  • Have a passion for building and maintaining a complex infrastructure,
  • Are resourceful and not afraid to share your ideas,
  • Are a team player,
  • Have good English communication skills,
  • Are fluent in SQL and aware of database performance trade-offs,
  • Are familiar with Puppet, Nagios, HAProxy and ProxySQL,
  • Like to write high quality code with descriptive comments and relevant commit messages,
  • Love music,
  • Are passionate about functional programming and love to stay up to date with innovations,
  • Have the opportunity to work with advanced type-systems, and powerful GHC extensions.

What you will do. You

  • Will maintain and improve the Chordify server infrastructure,
  • Will implement and test the Chordify Haskell back-end,
  • Design, develop, deploy and operate services that support millions of users,
  • Will apply and potentially improve music technology and machine learning algorithms,
  • Will be part of a growing multidisciplinary team that continuously experiments, iterates on and delivers new product improvements,
  • And have the opportunity to participate in scientific research.


  • You will be employed at Chordify for at least 32 hours per week.
  • You will work at our Utrecht office.
  • Your salary will depend on your skills and expertise.
  • You'll receive a Personal Music Budget to spent on concerts, instruments, records and more!
  • Chordify takes good care of you providing lunch, Friday afternoon drinks and excellent coffee.
  • Chordify offers you the Chordify retirement plan.
  • Is there something you really want? Let’s talk about it.

Chordify is incredible

for studying music.

Drop in a video and it works out the chords

to play along.

Oliver Quinlan